This week on Friday at 8pm the boys from work and I had our usual poker game, as we do every fortnight at Jerome’s house. The conversation was flowing from topic to topic but the hot debate of the night on this occasion happened to be about the vehicles that all of us drive.

There were no prizes for guessing how much Jerome was paying – his lease Fiat 500 was displayed on the drive of his home as his prized possession and he would waste no time informing you of how much he was paying per month and what sort of mileage limits he’d be benefitting from. Without going into specific numbers he made it clear that it was probably time for us to start being attentive when he spoke about his car savings.

Christopher was next up to have his say and he seemed a little sheepish after – the amount he paid for his used Audi A1 was nothing to shout home about in comparison to the favourable deal that Jerome had informed us of. He said that he was inclined to think that a contract hire Fiat 500 could be the way to go for him too. He’d have no trouble affording the repayments.

Following on from here I piped up with what I had to say. I explained to the lads that although I have been driving a Kia Sorento for quite some time, I needed something smaller and a little more economical, and had in fact been considering something similar to what Jerome had after originally seeing his vehicle a couple of months ago. The main difference was that I was more interested in business Fiat lease deals, as I could potentially make sizeable savings this way.

Last up was Mitchell who had been waiting patiently to tell us about the sports coupe that he drives proudly up and down the country in his line of work. He said for him it was hard to get away from the speed and power delivered by a coupe, even with the bonus of better fuel economy. However in the coming months he was also considering a personal car lease Fiat 500. This city car had really made us all think hard about our motors.