The Fiat 500 has been a breath of fresh air to the British car market, and with its cute, quirky looks and efficient engines there are a number of newcomers that are trying to compete with the 500.  This is a true city car that is small and easy to manoeuvre around town, and being quite small it also benefits from being able to be parked in some very small spaces.  The performance delivered by the 500 is also good, with the majority of the range benefiting from low insurance groups and low road tax liabilities making it a really attractive proposition for younger drivers.

The range of engines available for the 500 goes from the 0.9 litre petrol engine which is the smallest in the range up to the 1.4 litre T-Jet Abarth package.  This is able to deliver true hot hatch performance, accelerating from 0-62mph in 7.4 seconds with a top speed of 131mph.  Those who are looking for excellent fuel efficiency will want to opt for the 0.9 litre Twinair engine, but the entry level 1.2 litre engines offers a good balance of fuel efficiency and performance.

As well as the choices relating to the engines, there are also a number of levels of trim to choose from, and the Pop level of trim is very cost efficient but is quite sparse in terms of the equipment included as standard.  The Lounge level of trim will prove very attractive to many buyers, as it adds alloy wheels and air conditioning into the package.  The top end Abarth models do come with even more equipment, while there are special editions that have interiors designed by Gucci that include leather seats, although it is worth noting that these are the most expensive cars in the range.

The small car market is one that has a number of cars like the Toyota Aygo and the Ford Ka competing to take the crown, but the stylish and interesting Fiat 500 has certainly won a lot of admirers for its styling.  The range has some very well priced cars, with the entry level model on the market for under £10,000 and even the top of the range being available for a competitive price.  The small stature and limited space in the back seats means that it won’t be a car that will suit everyone, but for those who generally travel in urban and suburban areas the 500 is a great little car that is an absolute joy.