When the Fiat 500 came on the market in 2008 there were very few cars that really were able to match the compact city car stature and bold looks that made it such a hit.  The ride may have been a little bit firm, and inside the car the back seats were a little cramped for adults, but its quirky personality and nippy handling around town made it a very popular car that has continued to grow.  The basic range involves a range of small petrol and diesel engines that are more than powerful enough for this small car, and a range of trim levels, but there have also been a number of special editions released.

The range of engines are all quite economical on the whole, but the small 0.9 litre petrol engine is one of the headline makers, managing to achieve an impressive 71mpg.  The diesel engine may be a more practical efficient engine, offering plenty of power for the small car and still delivering 72mpg.  The majority of engines that have been included in the 500 are the 1.2 litre and 1.4 litre petrol engines, as these offer a better balance between power and pace along with efficiency, while the Abarth hot hatch version really does deliver excellent acceleration and speed.

When it comes to the prices that you can expect to pay for the 500, this can vary greatly depending on the model, age and condition, with some of the entry level models from 2008 now available for only a few thousand pounds.  The exclusivity of the special editions means that these are likely to hold their value quite well and are more expensive to purchase used.  As with any used car those with a full service history from Fiat are the most desirable, but for those buying the car privately they will often pay a lower price for the vehicle.

It is important to carry out a full check of the Fiat 500 when purchasing it to make sure there are no major mechanical issues, and they have also been known to suffer from trim that becomes loose or drops off entirely.  It is also worth checking with a financial company to make sure there is no hire purchase agreement secured on the car.  On the whole the Fiat 500 is a popular car to purchase used, and offers fuel efficiency and cheap running costs along with its bold looks.